Featured: Work From Home Ideas

Whether you have a workforce that is now working remotely, or are an essential business with customers who are stuck at home, catering to the needs of people trying to get their work done remotely is a smart marketing buy for any business. Use our trending ideas to help boost employee productivity and morale, or foster goodwill with your customer base, as you keep your name front and center during a trying time.

Trending Ideas

Webinar/Meeting Displays

Great for team members hosting meetings and webinars from home. Help your team rock their virtual meetings with branded backdrops, banners, and displays made for smaller spaces.

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Business On Top... Casual on the Bottom

Branded Loungewear

Your team is stuck at home – why not help them stay comfy? Branded lounge pants, cozy socks, or slippers can help build goodwill with your team and introduce some levity during trying times.

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Essential At-Home Tech

Make working at home more productive while also building brand recognition. Charging for mobile devices, audio gear for better phone/video conferences, and more, all with your custom logo.

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Snackable Gifts

Gift your team or customers with delightful snacks to boost their morale and break up the day. Food gifts are available as stand-alone, or with branded swag for long-term impressions.

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Remote Work Bundles

Whether you need something for your remote team, or to get your team back to the office, our bundles combine everyday essentials bearing your logo.
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