MARCH 10, 2023

10:00-2:00 PM


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The ideas you’ll find at the New Product Show are sure to be unforgettable and an event you won’t want to miss! This year’s attendees will enjoy samples, snacks, valet parking, and more. This exclusive event is only available to Identity Works clients and special guests. Join us!


Attendees who left NPS
in 2020 with new ideas

10 years

The New Product Show
tradition began in 2023


Number of booths you can
expect to explore this March

Why Attend?

Fresh Ideas

Each January, we gather the newest trends in swag, branded apparel, display products, logoed tech pieces and more at our industry’s largest event in Las Vegas. Just a few weeks later we share those ideas with you in person at NPS.


For four hours you have an opportunity to directly interact and brainstorm with product manufacturers, brand reps, and your Identity Works team until your heart’s content. In a casual atmosphere like this, you’re bound to come up with new ideas and strategies to impress in 2020.


There’s no better way to determine if you like a product and its decoration options than to actually touch and feel it with your own hands, and see it in person with your own eyes. Save time waiting for samples and compare your options side-by-side at NPS this year.

"The variety of products was outstanding. I got some new ideas I hadn’t even thought of. Seeing the products in person really made a huge difference. The giveaways and refreshments were generous and appreciated."

- 2020 Attendee

"This was the best event I've attended from Identity Works yet. Key pieces that stood out to me are: 1. A wonderful welcome (valet on a freezing day; greeting from friendly check-in staff; personalized bag). I always feel so welcome coming to your events, which makes a big difference! 2. Great variety of vendors. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but it felt like there was a bigger variety than I saw last year. There was so much to look at, I ran out of time. 🙂 3. The food was fabulous. That pizza - delicious. I thought the whole spread was very tasty. Plus, there was something for everyone!"

- 2020 Attendee

"Vendors took the time to find out what you were looking for and explain that they had, along with a catalog to follow up with what they are selling, without feeling hassled or rushed!"

- 2020 Attendee

Get Ready

Wondering if there’s anything you can do before NPS to get the most out of your time? Consider these four areas to help keep yourself laser-focused.

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Current Inventory

Take some time to check out what you currently have on-hand. Is the branding correct on everything? Is there anything you’re running low on? Do you need new pieces to support any new initiatives?

Calendar icon

Event Calendar

What events do you have coming up? Consider making notes about when you need your items in-hand, how many pieces you’ll need, and any special themes your swag could compliment.

Audience icon


Think about the people you want to reach. Are they expecting a certain kind of item? Do your pieces need to tell them anything? After your event how will they travel back to their home or office?

Spreadsheet icon


Take a peek at your budget. Do you need to stick to any parameters to keep spending on track? Are there internal deadlines that may dictate when you need to have your orders placed?


The Cargill Room

332 Front Street South   |   La Crosse, WI 54601